Our programs encompass all areas of development, including attention, language, social, fine and gross motor, academic and group skills.  After an initial assessment programs are clinically developed to meet the needs of the individual child. These programs are evaluated and reviewed regularly to ensure acquisition of new skills is being acquired at the appropriate rate. We encourage and ask for parental participation and families are involved in all aspects of programming.


ABA Therapy / IBI Therapy

Individualized therapy focusing on goals clinically  assessed as appropriate for each individual, including intensity and range of programming. Based on the principals of applied behaviour analysis and conducted following evidence based practices.


Academic Programs

Individual and group therapy specifically focusing on skill development needed to be successful in a classroom setting.


Transition Services

Therapy focusing on skills needed as children transition into the school environment. This may be for initial entry into kindergarten, or from an intensive therapy program.


Respite Services

Services available upon request.

All programs are individually based

Please contact us in order to set up an appointment.
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