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Our Focus

Our top priority at The Papillon Learning Centre, is to create a positive environment where children are encouraged to explore, ask questions, and be themselves. We focus on increasing each child's confidence in their own abilities and establishing pride in their accomplishments.

Our programming creates an environment where children can learn the skills needed to be successful in all areas of their lives. We believe that children are most successful when they learn in environments that will be realistic and prepare them for their future.

The therapists are dedicated to the development and teaching of all children, and is focused in helping each child achieve their goals through each program.



Amanda Reali

M.A. Counselling Psychology

M.A., BCaBA  ( Founder )

Amanda started her journey in the field of behaviour science in 2002 when she met a family with twin boys, who ultimately were diagnosed on the autism spectrum. It was through the amount of time spent with this family that Amanda began to learn the world of autism and became passionate to work with children and their families.  After working for different organizations and providers, it was clear there was something missing in the field. Amanda had a vision to open a centre where families felt comfortable and most importantly heard. That they had a place they could come to where they knew they would be active participants in their child’s program and felt comfortable to be open with all their hopes, fears and concerns.  The Papillon Learning Centre was open in 2009 in the hopes of achieving that goal.

After having completed a undergraduate degree in psychology (2007), Amanda pursued her board certification in 2010 and received her BCaBA designation. Not feeling satisfied and wanting to do more to help families in all areas, Amanda began her Masters in Counselling Psychology, graduating from the program in 2017. It is through her passion to help families as a whole that Amanda combines both her knowledge of Behaviour Science as well as components and theories from counselling psychology to offer a holistic approach to treatment.


Lina Pezzo

Senior Therapist


Lina began her career in the field of special needs, with specialization in autism. Her journey began as she set out to become a teacher and focus her studies on helping students with special needs succeed in the classroom. After making the decision to focus primarily on the principles of ABA therapy, Lina has had the opportunity to work with strong influences in the field and acquire the insight required to confidently assist families and children living with autism. Lina has worked as an instructor therapist, and currently is one of the Senior Therapists for Papillon. Since becoming an Ontario Certified Teacher in 2012, Lina enthusiastically continues her studies with additional course sequences, seminars and training in the field of autism and ABA therapy. She attended Florida Institute of Technology for post graduate education in Applied Behaviour Analysis. Lina has been a Board Certified Assistant Behaviour Analyst since May 2015. She is currently a candidate for a Masters of Profession Education with a Specialization in Applied Behaviour Analysis from the University of Western.

Passionate about the needs of her clients and their families, Lina is motivated and inspired by the opportunity to advocate for all families with the highest level of training, interaction, and compassion.


Sarah Elkami

Senior Therapist


Sarah Elkami is a Board Certified Assistant Behavioral Analyst with an educational background in Applied Behavioural Analysis from the Florida Institute of Technology (2015) as well as a Bachelors of Science, with Honours, from the University of Toronto (2013). Sarah has experience working with various cohorts, ranging from ages 0-18 through 1:1 and group therapy settings as well as individuals ages 18+ within residential and community services. Sarah enjoys working with families and other professionals to implement and provide quality services for individuals with special needs. Sarah’s main interests are working with individuals on developing social skills, classroom learning skills, as well as emotional and behavioural regulation skills. She continuously involves herself in the social service field, not only as a therapist but also as an advocate within her local Autism society. Sarah is currently a candidate for a Masters of Arts in Professional Behavior Analysis from the Florida Institute of Technology and anticipates completion in January 2018.


Dr. James Porter

Clinical Psychologist

Dr. James Porter is a registered Clinical and Counselling Psychologist who in addition to other clinical work, provides services as a clinical supervisor for DFO service providers for children with autism in 6 of the 9 provincial regions. He is the Past-President of the Ontario Association for Behaviour Analysis and is a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BACB). Dr Porter has over 20 years experience providing services to children, adolescents and adults with autism. Dr. Porter has an unparalleled record among Clinical Psychologists of advocacy for services for children with autism.


Joan Moore

Occupational Therapist

Occupational Therapists (OT's) are health care professionals who consider the complete child:  their physical, emotional and intellectual development.  OT's look at the impact of a delay, disorder or injury on a child’s function in tasks of daily life, (e.g. dressing, eating, hygiene), play, school, social and work related tasks.  The role of the occupational therapist is to promote competence, success and self-esteem in the child.

Joan Moore Occupational Therapy Services is a private practice located at the Papillon Learning Centre in Mississauga.  This private practice serves preschool and school-age children with a variety of diagnosis including: Autism Spectrum Disorder, Learning Disabilities, Attention Deficit Disorder, Developmental Coordination Disorder, Developmental Delays and Sensory Processing Issues.

Childhood is a time of significant growth and development and challenges affecting development can have a significant impact on the child’s ability to complete daily activities at home, school or on the playground.

At Joan Moore Occupational Therapy Services children are seen for assessment, consultation and treatment.  Therapy is customized to meet the needs of each child and family.

Areas of Intervention:

  • Sensory processing- the ability to attach meaning to sensory experiences.  For example:  the ability to tolerate various textures, sounds, smells, etc.
  • Self-regulation - the ability to identify changing states of emotion and attention and when overwhelmed, choose activities to return to a calm, alert state
  • Gross/fine motor development - the ability to balance, jump, run, catch a ball, hold a pencil, print letters/numbers, cut with scissors, perform self –care tasks such as eating, dressing and toileting, etc.
  • Visual motor /visual perception development - the ability to recognize the differences in letters, to see a word against a busy background, the ability to keep the letters on the line, the ability to visually follow the ball to catch it
  • Expanding Food Preferences - the ability to explore and accept new foods
  • Play Skills - the ability to take turns, share, initiate play, be a good sport

Evening and weekend appointments available


Beverly Bronte-Tinkew

Speech and Language Pathologist


Bev is a dedicated and experienced speech pathologist with extensive skills use a wide range of techniques including sign language, picture communication systems, social skills training, PROMPT therapy and more. She has many years of experience working with children with a wide range of diagnoses including autism, learning disability and apraxia of speech.

Instructor Therapists

All instructor therapists hold a university degree in social sciences or humanities and have additional training directly in Applied Behaviour Analysis strategies and Intensive Behavioural Intervention.

The therapists all have completed or will be completing their Registered Behaviour Technician certification through the Behaviour Analyst Certification Board.


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